The first stage of our process is to develop an idea, based on the specific needs of the client. Our team of designers shares our ideas with the client and both agree on a conceptual direction.

We focus on integrating our new structural systems with the local community.

We incorporate NATURAL elements and sustainable architecture using new technological advancements to reduce negative impacts on the environment.

We always keep in mind the urban fabric of the site, joining both new and traditional designs. Organization is an essential component to ammerha's success.

Organization is an essential component to ammerha's success. Next we develop our conceptual sketches. Once the direction has been identified, it is time for the architects to plan the structure, taking the ENGINEERING STRATEGIES into consideration every step of the way. We outline our preparations clearly, so that no detail is left unaccounted for.

The next step is project development and permit submittals. As a registered company in Lebanon, ammerha has the expertise to secure all necessary permits on a logistical level.

The project development progresses hand in hand with the approval of the designed structure so there are no surprises once construction begins. Finally, the project is the result of coordination with all of our departments, consultants and contractors, to ensure smooth execution.

Our work is always completed according to the time schedule and budget estimations set by the project management department, who prepare accurate feasibility studies, specs and BOQ, tenders and budgetary schedules.